Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dolphin Features for KDE 4.2

The feature freeze for KDE 4.2 starts on the November the 17th. Time again for a summary of the features that made it into Dolphin since KDE 4.1...

Improved zooming support. It's now possible for all view modes (icons, details, columns) to adjust the zoom level from 16 x 16 pixels to 256 x 256 pixels. Like in Gwenview a zoom slider is offered in the status bar:

It is still possible to configure having the volume space information like known from previous Dolphin versions.

Tooltips show previews:

Improved URL navigator. It is configurable whether the URL navigator shows short paths (a path "/home/peter/docs/pictures" is replaced by a places name like e. g. "My Pictures"):

or always the full path:

Information panel speed improvements
. Even if a slow Nepomuk backend is used, the Information Panel won't block Dolphin anymore when doing selections or opening folders.

Automatically open folders when dropping items

Triggering of items behaves like in KDE 3 for the details view
. Only the icon and name act as target area, not the whole width of the name column.

Drag and drop support in combination with tabs

Special thanks go to Simon St. James which contributed the tooltip- and detail view-features.