Friday, May 1, 2009

Qt Creator

In the office I use Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse for the C++/Java development. For developing Dolphin I used an editor and the shell, but honestly speaking in comparison to an IDE this is very inefficient especially when it comes to debugging.

After reading Qt Creator, CMake and C++/Qt Development I gave Qt Creator a try and was highly impressed. Although it currently cannot compete with the functionality of an IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse it is a pleasure to work with Qt Creator. The user interface is very clean and polished and I have high expectations for future releases...


ComaWhite said...

Yeah, I agree Qt-Creator is really awesome. I have it and KDevelop4 on my machine, though I use KDevelop4 as my primary and Qt-Creator as just for fun.

My only grip about Qt-Creator is no documentation during code completion.

But imho, I'd have to say it wipes the floor with Visual Studio. The code complete works out of the box, unlike Visual Studio. There is svn, git unlike Visual Studio supports. And if I wanted to write plugins, I don't have to learn COM, ATL, MFC, C#, VB.NET or whatever to get it to work. It uses C++ and Qt for my pleasure which I absolutely love. It's more easier to get what you want from it.

The only thing Visual Studio right now has over Qt-Creator is multiple language support.

Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate on why Qt Creator "currently cannot compete with the functionality of an IDE like Visual Studio or Eclipse" IYO? What functionality of Visual Studio or Eclipse are you missing most?


Anonymous said...

I read that Netbeans 6.7 is coming out soon with a good Qt integration

Did you ever use it? Since you use both Java and C++ like me, it might be worth a look too.

Anonymous said...

You can write Visual Studio.NET plugins in any .NET language you want. I just wrote a plugin for VS2008 in c# a couple of weeks ago... Very easy

You can't compare GDB with the debugger in VS. Its like comparing a defuct moped with a ferrari.

The web tools in VS are top notch, code completion do work out of the box, even mostly for Java Script. Does that work in Creator?

I do like QtCreator, but currently I'd chose VS for *any* project.

Its a shame that gdb sucks so bad.

ComaWhite said...

But who really cares about C#? Except the GTK wankers.

I rather do it in C++ with Qt/KDE.

Code completion in Visual Studio is a piece of shit. It doesn't even properly work. It easily breaks, you have to delete the database to get it working again then you better hope it don't break or you have to do it again repeatedly. Atleast it works perfectly in Qt-Creator but even much better in KDevelop4.

Qt-Creator wasn't mean for web design durrrrrr. Create a plugin if you like but it'd be kinda dumb.

Anonymous said...

Re: Dolphin, I have just spent about an hour on the net trying to find a way to do this simple thing, but cannot so I have come to ask you, Please - please - PLEASE! make "autoscroll" of the tree-view able to be turned off!
It ruins the whole experience for me, I cant navigate easily if it is always distracting me by shifting sideways, and where I choose to leave the view is actually what I wanted, I often copy from one place to another, and if things are sliding out of view it becomes so much harder and frustrating? Please please please can we have a little option to turn it off? Great project otherwise, though!
PS, in ffox I could not see your word verification?

Anonymous said...

Hi, just thought I'd let you know about this bug, in case it affects your project: in my current os (os11.1) and kde (4.2.2?) if I copy and paste a big folder from a usb stick to my desktop, then try to rename the folder which appears on my desktop, I get an error message and lose files from it! (a disaster if you don't realize what happened)

all the best.