Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Version Control Support in Dolphin

In KDE SC 4.4 Dolphin got support for Subversion:

The Subversion support has been implemented as plugin, which is part of the kdebase package and loaded automatically after starting Dolphin.

For the upcoming KDE SC 4.5 two changes have been done:
  1. The Subversion plugin has been moved from kdebase to kdesdk. If you are updating to KDE SC 4.5 and don't have installed the kdesdk package, the old Subversion plugin from KDE SC 4.4 will of course still work. However it is recommended to install the kdesdk package to get an updated version.
  2. The version control plugins are not enabled by default. Although the loading of the version control plugins is done asynchronously, it still consumes memory and (a little) performance. So if you are updating to KDE SC 4.5 and want to have version control support, you must enable the plugins once inside Configure Dolphin... > Services.
A very basic version of a Git plugin is already part of kdesdk. It only shows the version state of files and does not offer any context menu yet, but a group of students works already to improve this. The outcome will hopefully be merged to kdesdk until KDE SC 4.6 (oh dear: KDE SC 4.5 is not out yet and I'm already talking about 4.6 :-/)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic to hear! Looking forward to trying it out. Thanks to all involved!

Angel Blue01 said...

It looks like Dolphin supports emblems! Is there a way to use that in any filesystem or is it just in SVN?

Rodislav said...

would be great to have plugin for mercurial

Blackpaw said...

It would be nice to be able to view svn history/log. The kdesvn-kio plugin allows for that.

Rik said...

Hi Peter

are you a developer of Dolphin? If so, thank you for your work -- it is invaluable.

There are some features, which were in Konqueror (KDE 3.5), which are not yet available in Dolphin (KDE 4.4.2). Please forgive my request for their reintroduction.

1. The name-column could be configured to sort case-sensitively (i. e., capped folders before noncapped, etc.).

2. The size-column could be configured to use bytes as its unit.

3. There was a link-column.

If there is a better place to submit this request, would you mind posting it? I'll then follow that process.

Once again, thanks for the effort. I'm looking forward to trying the Subversion integration.


Rodrigo Pinheiro Matias said...

"would be great to have plugin for mercurial" +1

Arne Babenhauserheide said...

How can I easily test a new plugin? I adapted the git plugin from trunk to Mercurial and I want to test it, before pushing it into the wild :)